Are You a Long Distance Landlord?

Are You a Long Distance Landlord?


Being a long distance landlord isn't always easy - for you or for your tenants.

When you're hundreds - perhaps thousands - of miles away, it becomes that much harder to assess the issue and hire the right contractor for the right price - all in a short enough time to keep your tenants happy.

What can we do for you?

  • Rental Flips

What is a rental flip? Imagine your unit looking ready for showings only days after "that tenant" - you know the one - has finally up and left.

  • Postings & Showings

Our team will write beautiful, concise postings that attract buyers and then manage the entire showing, making the case for your property and winning.

  • Tenant Screening & Rent Collection

We can check the backgrounds of your prospective tenants, collect their rent and deposit it for you while you're in Hamburg or Hawaii!

  • Tenant Resolution 

Imagine never having to deal with "that tenant" (you know the one) again. We talk to them, we lay down the law, we play the bad guy.

Property Management Services


This is where property management companies come in. Such companies are given the contract to maintain your building, and are involved directly with your tenants so that you don't have to be. When something breaks, there's no need for you to panic and begin a frantic search for good contractors with free schedules. The property management firm will handle that, usually contacting a variety of subcontractors.

Some might wonder why they would want to hire a property management firm to maintain their rental properties instead of saving money by handling such things themselves. One of our mottos is: "You can do it yourself, but you don't have to!"

Suddenly arranging a visit by an independent contractor or company isn't as easy as it sounds.

Virtually all of them aren't going to be able to show up fast enough to please your clients, and the ones that can are usually of questionable repute.

If you thought they were angry when you couldn't send the right people in five minutes, you don't want to see how they react when you send the wrong people.

In many cases, this is really something you might not have really foreseen yourself doing if you're the type who views their rental properties as more of an investment than a way of life. Even if you aren't that type, the life of a landlord - especially a long distance landlord - doesn't often allow for much free time, especially if it's not your day job.

Finding the right property management company will save you a lot of trouble - no managerial responsibilities, no need to hire employees, and no stress. What's more, for all that time and effort you've saved you'll generally have to sacrifice only 5-10% of what you collect from your renters.

Why Odd Job?

Companies like Odd Job exist to make life easier for both long distance landlords and their tenants. We take care of every repair - large and small - that their rental properties require. We'll be the first to admit that we are no traditional property management company. We're cheaper, we're faster and we're better.

Think about it.. who would you trust with your property? On one hand, you could hire some faceless mega-corporation with offices across the country that is going to have less of a connection with the tenants than you are.

On the other hand, you can hire an old school handyman company that repairs and improves properties for a living. A company that enjoys a relationship with its clients - including your tenants.

You can cut out the middleman and hire a company that doesn't have to hire other companies. A company run by and composed of highly-skilled professionals - all of them fully licensed, bonded, insured and proudly local - who view you not just as a client, but as a neighbour and a friend.

You can hire a company with a golden track record - look no further than the scores of five-star reviews on Homestars - and with a number of the city's major businesses among its regular clients

When something breaks at one of your properties, we're handymen - we'll go fix it. Neither you nor your tenants are going to have to wait for a week while we call our subsidiary who calls their subcontractor so that he can call his subcontractors.

Leak under the bathroom sink in Unit 903?  We've got it covered. Someone put a hole through the wall in the lobby?  No problem. Flickering lights in the third floor hallway? Easy.

If you're a long-distance landlord, call us today. We're efficient, affordable and above all, we're good at what we do. Give us a call at (416) 520-1161 or try our services for yourself and book a visit online today!

Commercial Rate

We charge our commercial rate for property management services:

1 Handyman - $90 an hour

2 Handyman - $150 an hour

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We stand by our work. Odd Job has full confidence in the quality of the services we offer, and we guarantee you’ll be beyond satisfied.

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