Helping Hand Program: Giving Back

Helping Hand Program: Giving Back


What is the Helping Hand Program? 

It's a local handyman company's campaign to take care of neighbours in need.

It's about providing time, tools and talent to those who need it more than anyone else. It's about  placing community first and acknowledging our social responsibility. It's our way of giving back to the city where we were born and raised - the community that we interact with every day.

We're planning a series of community-based initiatives under this umbrella, with two of them active right now:

Senior Hour

Approximately one in four of our residential clients are over 65. A survey of more than 300 homeowners revealed that those 55 and older want to remain at home. With the Helping Hand Program, we're doing our part to ensure they can.

We're offering a free hour of labour to everyone who: (a) Books a minimum of two hours of labour. (b) currently resides in the city of Toronto; (c) is 65+; (d) is at or below the poverty line.

Ability Hour

We're offering a free hour of labour to everyone who: (a) Books a minimum of two hours labour. (b) currently resides in the city of Toronto; (c) has been diagnosed with a physical disability.

Safe in Place 

Your home is your space - and among the most important factors in making it yours is establishing the feeling of safety and security. Many of us feel much safer as soon as we've entered our home. However, people who have experienced trauma in the special bond with their space that everyone deserves.

Effective June 2017, Odd Job Handyman Services would like to lend a 'helping hand' to everyone who has experienced abuse in their homes and no longer feel the same attachment to their space.

Student Scholarship

  A vital part of this nation's economy, the skilled trades employ more than one million Canadians. They're among the most rewarding professions, stimulating teamwork, personal responsibility and creative growth.

With women consistently underrepresented (constituting 3% of the trades in 2007) and fewer young people are going into the trades, we'd like to provide a helping hand to the tradesmen and tradeswomen of future generations.

We are offering to put $1,000 toward the education of two students (each) - one male and one female - who are planning to study any trades-related courses at the post-secondary level.

The successful candidate must: (a) currently live in the city of Toronto; (b) attend at least 90% of classes; (c) maintain an average of B+ or higher; (d) send us a short video nominating the candidate - filmed themselves or by friends and family.

More to Come

The Helping Hand Program is a series of initiatives aimed at placing people first. Check back regularly for more information on upcoming projects.


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