I had to write this because I myself find it hard to believe...

I had to write this because I myself find it hard to believe how well everything went.

I was really cautious when I first picked up the phone, as I've had some REALLY poor experiences with contractors. My wife and I moved into our home two years ago, opting to save money - we thought - by skipping a home inspection. It was an expensive mistake, as our home turned out to have repair issues, both small and large, in multiple areas. There were areas of the attic and the basement where the drywall had been damaged and there was mould literally everywhere. There weren't enough electrical outlets.

I don't even have enough space to describe all the issues that our home had. I thought we were going to have to call several different companies, and most likely get fleeced by at least one of them.

Odd Job was a breath of fresh air. These people were never so much as a minute late, and when they were on site they didn't waste time at all. Their answers were always informative and aimed at keeping me updated - never evasive or defensive.

Everything they did, they did well. Suffice it to say that I won't be worried the next time I need work done. I've got Odd Job's number written down and memorized!!

James Chase
High Park
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